Charizomai International   “God’s gracious forgiveness”

Charizomai means “to grant forgiveness”   The word is derived from the Greek word “charis,” which means “grace.” It is used to express the beautiful truth that by God’s grace, we are forgiven and pardoned. God is able to transform and heal our lives through the sacrificial love of Christ!

We are committed to sharing the healing love of Jesus Christ with people whose lives have been broken through hardship, abuse and violence–both here in the United States and Internationally. We desire to do this through:  Women’s Retreats, Church Retreats or Special Events, Refugee Ministry, Children’s camps, Preaching opportunities and International Mission Trips. We have been privileged to serve with other International Ministries such as Care Corps International to share the hope that Christ can bring through His redeeming love, grace and forgiveness.

After hearing that 90% of women in prison have been abused, we knew that we wanted to help communicate the deep love of Jesus with them…It is our desire through Charizomai International, to be able to serve with Daughters of Destiny National Prison Ministry (recently merged with Prison Fellowship)…to minister to the women who are incarcerated in jails and prisons throughout the country.  Ministry opportunities include: Evangelistic Outreach, Bible Studies, Prayer Ministry, Seminars and Conferences, and Bible and Christian Literature distribution.